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An epiphany or two... or three

  • a lot of stress and burnouts
  • slave to the issues of the day
  • communication problems
  • lack of ownership, engagement
  • leadership problems
  • resistance to change
  • human error work accidents

At the rootcause of all these problems lies one common ground: human behavior.

How we behave decides everything. And all of our behavior stems from the brain!

During an inspirational session I guide you through a neuroscientifical story to look at these challenges from a new perspective. With this innovative approach I challenge you to look at your organizational issues from a different angle.

An inspirational sessions takes 60-90mins.

There are different themes possible but do feel free to reach out to discuss your specific case! or +32 485 20 30 09.


Leadership combined with neuroscience. What do managers need to understand about the brain and how can you benefit from it?

This session is an eye-opener for everyone in a leading position. 

Wellbeing and the brain

How we feel at work is reflection of how good we manage our brain. So it is of outmost importance that we learn what we can do to bring balance to our brains and therefore our lives.

This session is a hands-on, refreshing must hear for everyone who wants to improve their wellbeing.

Safety and the brain

More than 70% of our work accidents have human error as a rootcause. Understanding the brain, its limitations and its impact on safety in the workplace is thé key to break through the safety performance plateau.

This session offers you a innovative look on safety and is an absolute must for everyone who is involved in safety.

Personal leadership

Everyone is the boss of their own lives. That’s why at Lead Your Mind we like to see everyone as a manager… of their own lives. Too bad though that our brain has taken over. We have become slaves of our minds.

This intruiging session is for everyone who has high standards to live the life they really desire.


  • Brain basics
  • Neuroscientifical insights
  • Practical tips on the go

but also a lot of...

  • Fun
  • Interaction
  • Aha-experiences


At your company, congress, seminar, strategy meeting, brainstorm session or any other event where you need inspiration!

In times of covid-19: Inspirational sessions are still possible, online, via zoom. Experience has thought us that even online we can have a great connection with the audience.

What they said...

I already attended three times a seminar given by Margot. She is professional, passionate, positive and brings it in her own attractive way. Very interesting and well done! Keep it up Margot
Jean Godts - Senior Delegate

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