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My name is Margot, the inspirator of Lead Your Mind.

A couple of years ago I got diagnosed with a condition of my nervous system. I wanted to understand more profoundly what was wrong with me so I decided to study neuroscience. What I learned about my brain was so fascinating and incredibly useful, that I did not understand why we were not using this knowledge for our businesses?

As an HR professional I started combining this brain knowledge with my HR management. After a couple of years of research, experimenting in the field but moreover after  seeing extraordinary results, I decided to follow my mission in life.

With Lead Your Mind I translate this new neuroscientific knowledge to the businessfield. Not only to let you grow as a person, but also to let our businesses grow.

I look forward to sharing my passion with you. Not only to empower you but also your business!

My mission

My mission is to empower YOU!

I want to empower people and consequently empower companies.

I want to inspire people to be the best version of themselves, by giving them insight in how their brain works, which is the source of all behavior. How we think, how we feel and what we do stems from the brain. 

By doing this, I will create a higher consciousness, which is the first and most crucial step in lasting behavioral change.

Human behavior is the driving force behind the performance of our companies, so I believe it is of extreme importance to spread this brain knowledge. Not only to let our companies grow, but also to let our society become a happier place where human connection and social cohesion thrives.



I decided to start with Lead Your Mind, because I deeply believe that it brings added value not only to you but also to your company and society. I would like to explain why I believe that is.

In our modern society we face a lot of challenges.

> %
of GDP goes to sickness costs *
> %
of work accidents have human behavior as root cause **

Not to mention the increasing workload, high labour costs, highly competitive environments or the threats to our planet…

At the root of these complex environments we find ourselves in, we can see one constant and that is human behavior. 

How we act, think and feel defines everything in this world.

That is why I believe it to be extremely important to understand the source of our behavior:  the brain.

By understanding how our brain works and using that knowledge to our benefit, we can unlock full human potential.

Learn how to Lead Your Mind.

In its essence it is a matter of learning how to manage your own brain.

By learning how to lead yourself, you will not only perform better, but also -and perhaps more importantly- you’ll be part of creating more happiness, stronger human connectedness, and better social cohesion within and beyond your organization.


* OECD, European Commission; Health at a glance 2018, state of health in the EU cycle. 21-26

** Hetherington, C., Flin, R. & Mearns, K. (2006). Safety: The human element. Journal of Safety Research, 37(4), 401 – 411. + own analysis of data.

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