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I spent two hours with Margot in her workshop titled “why neuroleadership is the missing link towards safety excellence”. The title did not tell me much. I had to scratch my head on the term “neuroleadership”. Two hours later - after having my prefrontal cortex titillated by Margot’s entertaining and enthusiastic approach to teaching, neural fireworks, several shots of endorphins, and a cocktail of serotonin and dopamine - I knew more about it and my synapses were literally joining hands to applause the teacher. It was breathtaking to hear that the combination of using the brain to modify our own perspective first, combined with leadership IS neuroleadership. That we prefer brain highways and automatisms over the small tortuous roads less travelled but that using those small tortuous roads on a regular basis makes them easier to access and to use over time. That it is time to take back our brains and set our own minds to the “internal leader mindset” first before wanting to see behavioral changes in our company. This course taught by Margot is highly recommended to all, not only to improve safety performance but also to simply reflect on improving relationships in your organization, as it allows shifting the paradigm to one self rather than to others.
Nicolas Genty
Shell amsterdam
I already attended three times a seminar given by Margot. She is professional, passionate, positive and brings it in her own attractive way. Very interesting and well done! Keep it up Margot
Jean Godts - Senior Delegate
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